Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in an interview with CNN that Israel is reconsidering its plans for a nuclear energy facility in light of what happened in Japan. The interview is set to be aired later on Thursday.

Japan is facing a nuclear crisis after a major earthquake and tsunami led to explosions and rising radiation levels in the country's nuclear plants. The UN nuclear watchdog said on Thursday the situation at the damaged Japanese nuclear power plant remained very serious but no major worsening had occurred since Wednesday.

Israel created a plan for a nuclear energy plant to be located in the Negev several years ago but it has yet come into fruition.

Presently, Israel has two nuclear reactors, one in Dimona and one near the city of Yavne, but neither of them supply energy to the country.

Israel, who did not sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, would be required to do so if it wanted to receive the materials needed to produce electricity using nuclear power.