President-elect Shimon Peres promised MK Yitzhak Levy of the National Religious Party that he would "give serious thought" to ranting pardons for those convicted of violations related to the disengagement from the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2005.

Peres also promised that he would consider an initiative for rescinding the dozens of indictments still pending against opponents of the disengagement.

The two politicians met several days before the election, once Levy concluded that the candidate his party supported, Likud's Reuven Rivlin, was not likely to win. Levy told Peres that he intended to vote along party lines, in favor of Rivlin, and agreed to release the substance of their conversation only after the election was over.

Levy also asked that any pardon of those indicted for disengagement related-violations should not include those who used violence against security forces.

The president-elect promised the National Religious Pary lawmaker that he would be accessible to him after he is elected, and immediately after the election results were announced yesterday, Levy duly asked for a meeting with Peres and one was arranged.