Various Palestinian organizations are using Facebook to call for more protests like the ones on Nakba Day to be held June 5, marking 44 years since the outbreak of the 1967 Six-Day War.

The renewed call for protests follows relative quiet on the Syrian and Lebanese borders Friday, despite threats by Palestinian groups to break through the border fence after prayers in the mosque.

Meanwhile, the Northern Command is preparing for the planned protests with an in-depth investigation of the events on the Syrian and Lebanese borders May 15, Nakba Day, when 14 Palestinian demonstrators were killed in two separate incidents. About 180 people were able to break through to the Golan Heights town of Majdal Shams during the demonstrations.

The Northern Command's preliminary investigation, already completed, indicates the need for greater preparedness based on intelligence regarding the movement of demonstrators toward the border. It also calls for greater availability and mobility of troops to stop a possible rush through fences.

In addition to deploying more troops on the border, the IDF will also scrutinize the use of riot-control equipment and non-lethal weapons. The IDF has used these weapons extensively in the West Bank, but not on the borders, where the major emphasis so far has been on preparedness for military invasion.

Commanders on the scene of last Sunday's incidents said there should have been more non-lethal weapons, although the Northern Command's policy is that any attempt to damage the fence or cross the border into Israel should be seen as an attack on Israel's sovereignty and dealt with aggressively.

It is believed that the IDF will use riot-control equipment, before considering live fire, to respond to the next incident involving civilians rushing the border en masse.

The Northern Command has already beefed up its presence in the area of Majdal Shams. In addition to reserve forces now on the line, it has deployed cadets from officers' training school who are currently in the Golan Heights on exercises.