A Palestinian youth arrested by the Israel Defense Forces for throwing stones has been remanded to detention in a military jail, despite sustaining a fractured elbow when he was shot by Israeli settlers.

Tribunal Judge Tsvi Frenkel, who ordered the youth to remain in IDF custody until his case is heard in court, said the suspect posed a threat which warranted his continued detention.

The incident occurred on January 28, when a group of Israelis went hiking near the Palestinian village of Beit Ummar near Hebron. During the trip, which was not coordinated with the army, the Israelis said they were attacked by gunfire and stones. In response, one of the armed Israelis opened fire, killing a Palestinian and injuring another one.
An IDF investigation did not find any evidence of gunfire in the direction of the Israeli hikers. Police arrested four of the Israelis, who were remanded into custody. Days later, they were released. Authorities do not intend to indict them.
Police officials said that because the bullet allegedly fired by the Israelis was not handed over by the Palestinian police, they could not perform ballistics tests to determine its origin.
Last Thursday, Murad Halil, the young Palestinian wounded in the incident, was summoned to the West Bank police station for questioning. When he arrived, he was informed that he was under arrest for throwing stones − a charge Halil denies.
Halil’s lawyer, Nery Ramati, said there was no point in remanding Halil to custody since his right arm is in a cast. The IDF judge disagreed.
Ramati appealed the decision to the appellate tribunal, which ordered Halil to undergo a medical exam that would determine whether he’d be able to throw stones within the next year.