A Palestinian motorist plowed through the security checkpoint at Ben-Gurion International Airport and was caught after a high-speed chase on the highway leading to the main passenger terminal, it was revealed on Tuesday.

During the chase, airport security vehicles rammed into the Palestinian's car from the rear, causing it to veer off course and crash into a highway safety divider. Afterwards, the Palestinian was arrested by authorities.

The incident took place in January of this year at approximately 3:00 A.M. The Palestinian was subsequently questioned by police, who discovered that the man was an illegal alien.

The Palestinian had driven to the airport in a Mazda which was later discovered to have been stolen. The driver was asked to stop at the checkpoint for inspection as all vehicles do before entering the airport grounds.

As he approached the checkpoint, he accelerated and drove past the armed guards. Airport security staff embarked on a high-speed chase after the suspect. The Palestinian was arrested after trying to evade a makeshift checkpoint that was quickly erected closer to the terminal.

Aviation officials said the incident was not terrorist-related, but was rather a criminal matter. An investigation into the incident revealed that security staff acted according to regulations.