A Palestinian boy was stabbed to death Wednesday in what was likely a brawl between rival clans in the West Bank.

The incident took place in a Palestinian village next to the settlement of Shiloh in the northern West Bank.

Police received a report from Palestinians about the stabbing, and the youth, Yazan Mohammed Mussa, 12, was taken to a hospital in Nablus, where he died. Doctors said he had been stabbed 11 times.

The circumstances of the killing were not immediately clear and Palestinians initially claimed the boy was stabbed during a violent clash with settlers. The boy's father blamed settlers but said he was unable to identify them for certain.

Later, however, senior Palestinian figures told Israel Defense Forces figures the boy was likely murdered within the context of a clan feud.

A youth who was with Mussa at the time of the incident said the victim was attacked by two bearded strangers.

Although he was sure they were not from their home village of Karir, he fled before hearing what language they spoke and therefore could not positively identify them as Israelis.

Police also told reporters early Thursday that they believed the boy may have been stabbed in a feud between rival families in his village. Police spokesman Shlomi Sagi said officers were investigating.