Angry Palestinians clashed with Israel Defense Forces troops in the West Bank on Monday after a bus carrying Israeli settlers hit a Palestinian shepherd and killed him as he led his herd across a road.

Sharid Shtayeh, 15, was riding his donkey when a passenger bus carrying destined for the settlement Elon Moreh slammed into his herd near the Palestinian village of Salem. His donkey and a number of sheep were also killed in the accident.

Israel Police confirmed the shepherd was killed in a road accident and a Magen David Adom emergency medical services pronounced Shtayeh dead at the scene.

Residents of Salem, where Shatyeh lived, hurled stones at the bus passengers and IDF troops had to fire into the air to disperse the angry crowd, local witnesses said.

Ahmad Jabour, a member of Salem's local council, said the shepherd was the third Palestinian to be killed in the area by Israeli drivers during the last 12 months.