Palestinian Authority security forces have arrested suspects in the two recent attacks on Jewish settlers in the West Bank, Palestinian sources said at the end of last week.

At the incident near Beit Hagai, four people were killed; at Rimonim Junction two were injured, one seriously.

The suspects in the Rimonim Junction attack - two residents of the West Bank village of Silwad near Ramallah - were arrested by members of the PA's General Intelligence Service. The PA had previously detained other suspects in the case after finding the vehicles allegedly used by the cell involved.

It is not clear if everyone responsible for the attack near Beit Hagai has been detained by PA security forces. The PA has declined to provide official details on arrests in the case, but PA sources have said there is no intention to turn the suspects over to the Israeli authorities. The Israel Defense Forces has not commented on the arrests.

Hamas has threatened to attack PA security forces if Hamas members continue to be arrested in the West Bank. "You know that the hand that reached the heart of the occupier is capable of reaching you, too," Hamas said in a statement, referring to the PA. Hamas added that the arrests would not prevent its military wing from striking "wherever and whenever it wishes."