Over 2,000 demonstrators took part in a protest march in Haifa on Monday evening expressing opposition to the Israel Defense Forces offensive in the Gaza Strip. Police deployed significant forces in the area to provide security for the event. There were no reports of any disturbances.

The demonstration ended with speeches from political activists and Haifa residents who called on the government to cease "the aggression and the massacre in the Gaza Strip."

Participants waved Palestinian flags, brandished photographs of Palestinian children killed during the operation, and chanted slogans denouncing the IDF.

Police in Karmiel arrested a resident of the city for allegedly assaulting an officer during a demonstration in support of the IDF operation in Gaza.

Haifa University is the site of what is expected to be a large demonstration on Tuesday. The protest is being organized by the Arab student union.

It is worth noting that the university administration has banned demonstrations that can potentially ignite clashes with other students or with campus security.