Nearly three-quarters of Israeli adults don't know the historical significance of November 29, the date in 1947 when the UN General Assembly decided to end the British Mandate and adopt the partition plan, according to a poll conducted for the Sderot Conference for Society.

The ignorance rate was highest among the ultra-Orthodox and immigrants, reaching 96% and 94% respectively.

The poll, which surveyed a sample of 575 people aged 18 and above in Israel, showed that 73% did not know the historical significance, 36% did not know a thing about the date and 37% provided incorrect answers.

Among the incorrect answers were that this date marked the end of the War of Independence, the Balfour Declaration and the signing of the Reparations Agreement with West Germany. Only 27% of respondents correctly answered that this date denotes the UN decision.

Only 15% of respondents from the Arab sector gave the correct answer, while 64% of respondents from the Jewish sector gave incorrect answers or no answer.

The Sderot Conference for Society begins on Tuesday at Sapir College.