Don't feel like being stuck in the kitchen this Passover? You're not alone. We've put together a list of eateries around the country where you can find leaven-free delicacies and ready-made takeaway meals during the holiday.  

Delicatessen, owned by Ruti and Mati Broudo of Brasserie and Hotel Montefiore fame, has a wide selection of prepared food for the seder meal. Options include: charoset with dates, raisins, walnuts, almonds and port wine; chopped liver; gefilte fish; baked leg of lamb with green garlic and rosemary; pot roast with mushrooms and shallot in white wine souce; plums in brandy sauce; caramelized almonds and many other dishes.

Yehuda Halevi 81, Tel Aviv

Trendy Tel Aviv eatery Hashaked offers three traditional dishes for take-away during the holiday: stuffed fish (NIS 18), egg salad and chopped liver (NIS 40 for half a kilo).

Hachashmonaim 90, Tel Aviv

Dallal Bakery in Neveh Tzedek has a special collection of eats for the holiday, including: mousse cake (NIS 145), flour-free chocolate sponge cake (NIS 39), baked chocolate mousse cake (NIS 24), Amaretto cookies (NIS 36), meringue cookies (NIS 22), Dalal chocolate spread (NIS 32) and more.

Kol Israel Haverim 7, Tel Aviv

Lechamim bakery has kosher-for-Pesach baked goods for the holiday: cookies (NIS 22-35 per box), marzipan petit fours (NIS 69 for a box of 20 cookies), Belgian chocolate truffles (NIS 39 per box), sponge cake (NIS 25-40), tarts (NIS 55-69) and more.

Hachashmonaim 99

Nili's Kitchen, a restaurant-deli located on the edge of Jaffa's flea market, specializes in healthy good. On the menu for the holiday: fish kebab with techina and pickled lemon (NIS 38 per portion), leg of lamb cooked in red wine and rosemary sauce (NIS 50 per portion), quinoa with mushrooms and chestnuts (NIS 8 per 100 grams) and more.

Margoza 28, Jaffa flea market

Jewish food joint Sender is also offering up prepared food for the seder, including chicken soup broth (NIS 24), kneidalach soup (NIS 29), chicken-stuffed eggplant salad (NIS 28), stuffed peppers (NIS 28) and veal tongue with mushrooms (NIS 56).

Levinsky 54, Tel Aviv

Wolff's Market Delicatessen in Ra'anana, which specializes in European dishes, has a take-away menu for the holiday that includes appetizers, fish, side dishes, meats and dessert. Among the options: chicken in barbeque sauce (NIS 50 for a half kilo), baked salmon (NIS 75 for a half kilo), potatoes with rosemary and thyme (NIS 28 for a half kilo).

Hanegev 16, Ra'anana

Tadmit Catering in Kiryat Shmona is a good option for prepared food for the seder, including appetizers and entrees, if you're in the north for the holiday. Dishes include: stuffed chicken legs in caramel sauce (NIS 65 per kilo), Sichuan chicken (NIS 60 per kilo), Mizrahi carrot salad (NIS 30 per kilo), fish cutlets (NIS 60 per kilo) and more.

Kiryat Shmona, 04-695-0916

Mevusheletdeli in Mevo Horon near Modi'in has a number of interesting options for the holiday menu, including prepared seder meals for five, with prices ranging from NIS 527-725, and a variety of salads.

Mevo Horon, 08-972-6800

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