The three Acre residents who filmed themselves driving at 260 kph had an unlikely predecessor: The current commissioner of police, David Cohen.

Cohen, head of the investigations department and a police major general at the time, was filmed in 2005 driving at 180 kph.

The videoclip was revealed as part of a High Court petition filed by Chief Superintendent Efraim Erlich, who demanded that Cohen be indicted after the police decided not to press charges. Cohen was filmed by traffic police, who were preparing a presentation on their work ahead of the senior officer's visit to their department.

As commander of the traffic police, Erlich assigned an undercover unit to track and film Cohen's own driving habits.

They trailed him as he left his home in Greater Tel Aviv to head to his office in Jerusalem, and filmed him on Route 443 driving as fast as 180 kph - about 80 kph over the speed limit.

The speed was clearly documented when the camera panned down to show the speedometer of the pursuing unit's car, Erlich told the court.

Police nevertheless declined to prosecute Cohen, arguing that the film was "pirate footage" not carried out on "sophisticated enforcement equipment," and therefore could not be relied upon for an indictment.