Coin collectors can celebrate the 60th anniversary of the State of Israel with limited numbers of new commemorative coins: in one-, two- and 10-shekel denominations.

The modern coins were designed by by Ruben Nutels, and symbolize the achievements of the state in its first 60 years, and express optimism about a future of peace and prosperity.

The coins bear a pomegranate to symbolize fertility and plenty, alongside a dove and an olive branch, the signs of peace.

The Israel Government Coins and Medals Corporation (IGCMC) has also issued two silver replicas of ancient Jewish coins in honor of the upcoming 60th Independence Day.

They have struck exact silver replicas of two coins that were minted 1900 years ago: one represents destruction and exile, and the other rebirth and independence. They give expression to the importance and meaning of the establishment of the State, independence and sovereignty, according to the IGCMC.

The coins which were chosen to represent these two opposing messages are two bronze coins from the late 1st or beginning of the 2nd century CE.

One is the famous Judea Capta coin minted by the Romans to honor the fall of the Jewish state established in the Great Revolt, originally minted in Rome in 71 CE. The second, minted in Judea in 132-133 CE, is from the Bar Kochba revolt.

The coins may be bought over the Internet as well as at IGCMC stores.