Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday that the situation in his bureau in the wake of the Natan Eshel affair is "painful, difficult in terms of human relations, uncomfortable and unpleasant."

Netanyahu reiterated the reasons for his anger at three of his advisors - Cabinet Secretary Zvi Hauser, National Information Directorate Head Yoaz Hendel, and Military Secretary Yohanan Locker, stating that: "Within every organization, it is sound practice to immediately notify the appropriate authorities [legal authorities] if there are any suspicions of harassment so that they can deal with them accordingly."

Netanyahu further noted that "I would have taken the exact same steps, no doubt about it. What should not take place, however, within any organization is for the head of the organization, in this case the prime minster, to be unaware [for a month and a half] of such events and to read about them in the press."

Hendel tendered his resignation on Monday. Eshel, Netanyahu's bureau chief who was the subject of the sexual harassment allegations, has already resigned. Eshel allegedly harassed an employee at the Prime Minister’s Office, who has only been identified as R.

Hauser is also expected to step down shortly.