Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah on Tuesday accused Israel of operating multiple spy networks in Lebanon, vowing that "the Israeli hand that attacks Lebanon will be cut off."

The head of the Lebanon-based guerilla group spoke via satellite at an event marking Hezbollah's Martyrs Day in a suburb of the Lebanese capital Beirut, celebrating the militia's first suicide bombing in 1982.

Nasrallah, broadcast on a giant television screen, told a crowd of supporters that not only is Israel to blame for numerous murders in Lebanon, it is also waging psychological warfare against its neighbor.

"The spy network that was recently exposed is one of many operating in more than one arena and in more than one place," the Hezbollah chief said, referring to a cell recently arrested by the Lebanese army, believed to be linked to Israel's Mossad.

"This is a serious matter and we must pay close attention to it - at this very moment there are spy planes flying over the Dahiya," Nasrallah continued, urging the Lebanese army to obtain anti-aircraft missiles.

In his address, Nasrallah urged Arab nations to ban Israel's President Shimon Peres from an upcoming interfaith summit, sponsored by the United Nations, to be held in at the New York UN headquarters.

Peres, Nasrallah said, is responsible for massacres both in Lebanon and the Palestinian territories. "They should kick Israel out of this conference and prevent Peres from going up on stage and speaking. There are many Jews that are not linked to Israel that could take his place in an interfaith dialogue," he concluded.