Yevgenia Wexler, 22, and her son 6-year-old son Artur were killed Tuesday in a multiple-car car accident at the intersection of Einstein Street and Namir Road in North Tel Aviv.

The accident occurred when the SUV driven by attorney Avigdor "Dori" Klagsbald slammed into the Wexlers' car as they were waiting at a red light. It is still unclear why Klagsbald failed to see the other car and to brake in time. Other vehicles were also involved in the accident, in which six people including Klagsbald sustained minor injuries.

Wexler was an immigrant from the former Soviet Union. She and her son lived in Bnei Brak. The child's father apparently does not live in Israel.

The incident began around 3:30 P.M., as Klagsbald was driving his Volkswagen Touareg at high speed on Namir, the coastal road, from north to south. About 50 meters before the Einstein Street intersection, the SUV grazed a Volvo that was waiting to turn left onto Einstein, and then slammed into the Wexlers' Fiat Punto, which was waiting at a red light to go straight. The Fiat was thrown forward by the force of the collision before flipping over and hitting a Mazda. The Mazda was knocked on its side and hit two more cars.

"We still can't determine why the [SUV] driver didn't brake," Tel Aviv Traffic Police Superintendent Noam Biegansky said. "Maybe he dozed off, maybe he was talking on the phone or fiddling with paperwork. The bottom line is that was solely a case of human error."

Yevgenia Wexler died instantly, pinned inside her car. "When we arrived, we found a few vehicles that had overturned and lots of metal and plastic parts all over," firefighter Rafi Levy said. "It took us a long time to extract the body because the car was crushed completely," Levy said.

Artur died soon after he was admitted to the Ichilov Hospital emergency room.

"We found the boy lying on the grass on the side of the road, with several passersby trying to resuscitate him," Magen David Adom paramedic Itzik Malul related. "We rushed him to the hospital in critical condition, but unfortunately he was declared dead on arrival."

Klagsbald, who lives in Kfar Shmaryahu, is one of Israel's top lawyers. He is cofounder and partner of an office specializing in corporate law. His clients have included Ariel Sharon, whom he represented during the police investigations into the "Greek Island" and "straw companies" affairs, as well as Shaul Mofaz and Ofer Nimrodi.