Hertzel Katz, 77, lives in Ramat Hasharon and was born in South Africa. He says he was named after his maternal grandfather, Naftoli Hertzel Freeman, who was probably born in Lithuania toward the end of the 19th century, and apparently without any connection to the Zionist visionary. Katz attended a public school in the city of Benoni near Johannesburg.

There he experienced quite a number of anti-Semitic attacks, both physical and verbal, due to his background and his name, which is so closely identified with Judaism. He says that Christians classmates used to call him “Jewboy.”

This attitude led him in his youth to the Betar movement, where he learned about Zionism and Herzl’s activity. He immigrated to Israel in 1968 and is now very proud to bear the same name as the visionary of the state. He says that that’s why to this day he is very active in Zionist organizations and even describes himself as “a Zionist all the way.”