Herzel Luzon, 61, a resident of Herzliya, is the owner of a marble-processing plant and is married with three children. He says he remembers many childhood friends with the name Herzl and claims that it was very common in those years, especially among immigrants from Tripoli. He adds that the choice of the name expressed the joy of his parents’ generation at the founding of the state.

Luzon says that to this day he has many friends named Herzl. Recently he went to a store with two other friends by that name and by chance they met both a salesman and another customer with the same name.

He says the name Herzl never gave rise to derogatory nicknames, but neither was Luzon ever called by pet names or diminutives either. He gave his children modern Hebrew names − Ilan, Tali and Inbal. But he declares that if he has a grandchild he will recommend that his children name him after the only leader he admires, former prime minister Ariel Sharon.

Luzon says he does not know the details of Theodor Herzl’s life story. “I read about him a little, mainly in school and during my childhood,” he says, admitting that only recently for example did he learn from his wife that Herzl was a journalist.