Medical residents and the Finance Ministry were ordered to quickly resume negotiations over pay and conditions by the High Court on Thursday, after the doctors' representatives walked out of talks at the beginning of the week.

A group of six residents had petitioned the High Court of Justice after the National Labor Court invalidated the resignations of hundreds of residents who were dissatisfied with the collective bargaining agreement reached between the Finance Ministry and the Israel Medical Association in August. The residents and the treasury were ordered to negotiate for up to two weeks and on November 10 they are to present the court with a report on their progress.

Justice Hanan Melcer ordered the sides to negotiate quickly and stay focused - and deal only with matters concerning residents and not other doctors, such as improving conditions for specialists. The justice ordered the treasury to also discuss the residents' demands to reopen the new agreement, which Finance Ministry officials had refused to do under any circumstances.

Melcer also made it clear that any resident who wished to resubmit a resignation without any conditions related to salary or other work conditions would be allowed to do so.