The employees of Maariv newspaper, which is slated to be sold by Nochi Dankner's Discount Investment Holdings of the IDB group, to Shlomo Ben-Zvi, had not yet received full payment of their August salaries as of Friday, the action committee of Maariv journalists reported.However, Maariv's management said August wages were paid by bank transfer on Friday but may not show up on the employees' bank records until Sunday, although the transfer would reflect an effective date of Friday.

The action committee announced it would stage a demonstration in front of the Super-Sol branch on Ibn Gvirol Street in Tel Aviv over their unpaid wages and other benefits. Super-Sol is also an IDB group company. The sale of Maariv to Ben-Zvi, whose Hirsch Media firm publishes the right-leaning nationalist paper Makor Rishon, is expected to result in the dismissal of most of Maariv's staff, particularly, if as expected, the Maariv printing plant in Bat-Yam, which is not part of the deal, is also sold, leading to the loss of jobs of all of the paper's printing and distribution staff.

"The eve of Rosh Hashana is in the offing, and Maariv's workers have still not received the balance of their August wages, despite the announcement of Maariv CEO Tal Raz that the salaries would be paid on Friday," the journalists' action committee said in a statement on Friday. As of the last Friday, the employees had received only a third of their August pay, and Thursday evening several dozen Maariv employees demonstrated in front of Dankner's home.

Dankner has provided a commitment to Maariv's employees that all of the sale proceeds from Maariv would be directed first to the paper's liabilities including its obligations to its workers. He also promised to include a worker representative in the negotiations with Ben-Zvi over the sale of the paper's intangible assets.

Maariv's employees have expressed particular concern over the severance and pension benefits to which they are entitled, and have expressed their intention to approach the government in an effort to save the paper.