Foreign Minister and Kadima Chairwoman Tzipi Livni threatened on Monday that if Hamas renews cross-border rocket fire, Israel will launch another offensive against the Palestinian Islamist group in Gaza.

"If Hamas fires a Qassam [rocket] at Israel, it will get slapped down again, as it got it now and they know this," said Livni.

The foreign minister's comments came a day after Hamas and Israel separately declared cease-fires in Gaza, ending the Israel Defense Forces' 22-day campaign against the group in the coastal territory.

"[Hamas] knows today what Israel does when it's harmed, the world knows what it does when it's harmed and even accepts this. Therefore, I think they won't do this again soon," the foreign minister told Israel Radio in her first interview since the end of the warfare.

In reference to the cabinet's announcement of a unilateral cease-fire in Gaza late Saturday, Livni said Israel must know when to begin and when to end such an operation.

"This is part of the wisdom that leadership needs to have," said Livni, a prime ministerial hopeful. "When the alternative is to continue when there is little benefit, and then to perhaps sink into the quagmire afterward, this is very unwise."