The Likud has launched an unprecedented attack on Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's children in the party's election propaganda on Israel Radio's Reka channel in Russian.

The broadcast begins with Olmert saying, "I want our children to have a better future." Afterwards, a background voice wonders which children he is referring to: "perhaps his own children, Olmert's sons and one of his daughters, who refused to serve in the IDF; moreover, his sons live overseas and do not see their future in Israel...if Olmert's children who live abroad knew of his withdrawal plan, they they would not return to Israel at all."

Later the broadcast presents the good future that the Likud's plan promises, followed by a direct address to Olmert: "With such a future, your children, Olmert, will return."

The Likud deems the broadcast excellent, saying it was a great success with focus groups. Immigrant campaign head Sasha Klein told Haaretz he saw no problem using children. "Olmert talks of the future of my children, why can't I talk about the future of his?" he said.

Reminded that Netanyahu himself lived outside Israel for many years and used to complain about attacks on his family, Klein dismissed the comparison. "Bibi was hurt due to the illegitimate use of his family," he said. "We bring only facts. Russian speakers are experts at reading between the lines. I merely provide the lines."

Kadima strategist Lior Horev said, "Bibi is still the same Bibi."