Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman accused the Palestinians of not wanting to advance their relations with Israel, on Monday.

"The Palestinians are preparing the ground to blame the failure of the peace talks on Israel," Lieberman told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. "As far as the Palestinians are concerned, they were dragged to negotiations in Jordan against their will. They intend to continue with the meetings in Jordan until January 26, and then go once again to the Security Council and the criminal tribunal in the Hague," he said.

According to Lieberman, the Palestinians "are interested in internationalizing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."

"Anyone who talks about a political breakthrough with the Palestinians doesn't have a clue" he said.

Lieberman also talked about the Iranian nuclear program. "Iran has no intention of discontinuing its military nuclear program," he said. "Today, the international community knows the only way to stop the program is by imposing real sanctions on the central bank and its oil industry.

"Any future settlement with the Palestinians will have to take into account the Arab-Israeli issue, otherwise it would be political suicide," Lieberman added. "The Palestinians themselves are also trying to pull the Arab-Israeli issue into the conflict, and that is why European officials tried to intervene, as opposed to in the past."