Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman warned Monday against pushing for a Palestinian state inside Jordan, saying such claims harm Israel's security interests.

"Jordan is a stabilizing element in the region, in comparison to what is happening in other nations," Lieberman said during a discussion at the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, responding to recent reports that sources in the government are again mulling the idea of a Palestinian state in Jordan.

"Discussion about Jordan as a Palestinian state is against Israeli interests and against reality," Lieberman continued. "Saying Jordan is Palestine opposes international borders as well as the peace accord we signed with them."

He said such claims harms Israel's security interests because a Palestinian state on both sides of the Jordan River will be "militant and extreme" and will undermine the region's stability.

However, Lieberman did call on Jordan to warm its ties with Israel and to fully implement the peace agreement.

"The two nations enjoy the stability of peace but I expect that the Jordanian ambassador be returned to Israel soon," he said. Jordan has not had an ambassador in Tel Aviv for more than a year and a half after Jordan failed to replace the last envoy.