The rebels' victory in Tripoli is not expected to stem the flow of arms from Libya into Sinai and Gaza.

For months, the Sinai Peninsula has been flooded with arms and ammunition looted from Libyan army storehouses in the eastern part of that country and then smuggled into Egypt.

According to Military Intelligence officials, much of this weaponry, apparently including various types of missiles, has made its way into the Gaza Strip via the smuggling tunnels near Rafiah, on the Gaza-Egypt border.

Some of the arms also made their way to the terrorist organizations that have gained control over large portions of Sinai. In recent weeks, these organizations have been battling Egyptian security forces.

The arms from Libya are on top of the weaponry smuggled into Sinai from Iran via Sudan.

But the Libyan supply isn't expected to dry up anytime soon. The provisional government that is expected to take power in Tripoli will need many months to gain control over all of Libya's army units and armed tribes, if it ever does. And it seems doubtful that it will ever manage to gain sufficient control over the vast desert border between Libya and Egypt to prevent arms smuggling across it.

The anarchy in Libya is likely to continue for some time. And its shock waves will continue to reach Sinai and the border with Israel.