Attorney Chaim Stanger was ordered to pay NIS 5,000 in damages Tuesday and given a six-month suspended sentence after being convicted of threatening a neighbor.

Originally, Stanger was also indicted on two more serious charges: attempting to solicit someone to commit assault, and attempting to solicit someone to damage Judge Tova Sivan's car. The prosecution rescinded those charges in light of new evidence. It decided that the less severe indictment, coupled with the fact that Stanger faces disciplinary action by the Israel Bar Association, merited a plea bargain, which the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court upheld.

In her ruling, Judge Hadassa Naor said she "never received a clear explanation for the significant change between the original indictment and the indictment that ultimately emerged. But I cannot avoid concluding that the defendant was in danger of being convicted on serious charges when the evidentiary basis for them was apparently shaky. Consequently, the prosecution did well to amend the indictment. And even though we can't make light of the severity of the acts that remain ... they are negligible compared to the original indictment. Under these circumstances, the plea bargain reached by the sides over the sentence is appropriate."