A lawsuit has been filed against Hebrew National, alleging that its hot dogs and other products are not actually kosher.

The class action lawsuit, filed in May, accuses ConAgra Foods - the business designation of Hebrew National, which is certified kosher by Triangle K, of several transactions which would render the meat being processed as not kosher. It also accuses the company of mistreating its employees, especially its kosher supervisors and slaughterers. The AER firm provides the kosher slaughtering services at Hebrew National facilities in the Midwest

The lawsuit was filed in the Dakota County district court of Minnesota.

The lawsuit alleges that employees who complained about the inappropriate actions were fired or transferred.

Among the complaints is that non-kosher meat was packaged and labeled as kosher meat. The complaints also said that the lungs were not inspected well enough for imperfections and that some cows were slaughtered incorrectly.

The complaint also alleges that the employees were not treated well and that they were paid in violation of American tax laws.

Shlomoh Ben-David, the owner of AER Services, Inc. denied the charges in an interview with The Failed Messiah website.