Ten-year-old Yoav Slodownik of Ramat Gan this week won the boys' competition at the singles Lawn Bowls championships for boys and girls, following in the footsteps of his father, Dani Slodownik - a member of Israel's national team.

In the girls' competition Shira Eshel (15 ) beat Maya Hizmi (13 ). Most of the players are from Ramat Gan.

The final rounds of the youth singles championships were held in Ramat Gan on Monday. The event was initiated last year among 20-30 youngsters between the ages of 10 and 14, who have now become enthusiasts of the game. The boys and girls appear regularly every Monday for practice under the guidance of Shlomi Raphael, who initiated the program, assisted by enthusiastic senior members of the Ramat Gan club.

Lawn Bowls is suited to all ages and demands concentration and cool nerve, and the potential of members of the youth program is already clearly visible.

In ten-head games, Slodownik beat 13-year-old Yoav Tepper, who was also last year's runner-up.

In the plate competition for semifinalists, Tamir Kish (12 ) beat Eran Zifroni (11 ), while Zohar Zaig (13 ) beat Yarin Ben-Yoseph (13 ).