Kiryat Ono broke the ice when they came through to win the overall Wingate Fives Tournament for the first time since the tournament's inauguration back in 1985. The tournament completed on the weekend at Netanya is played annually for the trophy commemorating Andre Spitzer, who lost his life in the 1972 Olympic Games massacre.

Clubs entered teams of five, who are split up into contests of singles, fours, pairs and trips. Games are played in two sets of seven ends each, with deciding tie breakers - with the singles game comprising nine ends.

Jerusalem's Boaz Marcus won the Shmuel Grant singles trophy for the second year running with a comfortable win 12-5, 15-3 against Savyon's Amnon Kosowski.

The Ra'anana pairing of Zvika Hadar with comparative newcomer Shalom Ben-Ami came through for the Pillemar Trophy winning 10-3, 12-4 against Ramat Hasharon's Yehuda Bar-On and Maurice Lavin.

Kiryat Ono exceled by winning both the trips and the fours, both teams playing cohesive bowls and skillfully skipped by Giora Ingwer. The triples team of Ingwar, Oded Hecht and Yaakov Raz, in a keen contest against Netanya's Harold Keston, Gus Sadowitz and Danny Kas, came through to win 8-5, 6-5 for the Goldblatt trophy, Ingwar closing the game with an excellent last bowl draw in the second set.

In the fours Ingwer skipping for Moshe Avrahami, Shraga Avner and Erwin Kanarek came through for the Jesselson trophy, winning 11-7, 10-9 against Jerusalem's Tony Babot, Boaz Leicht, Berel Koseff and Norman Arenson. Here again Ingwer settled issues with his last bowl to wind up the game.

Jerusalem did well to finish runner-up for the second year in succession. The team distinguished itself by overshadowing the higher ranked opponents.

A trophy for overall performance and sportsmanship was awarded to Giora Ingwer.