Lawn bowls / Northern Pairs

The final rounds of the annual national Northern Pairs competition were played out last weekend at the Haifa club, highlighted by a son-beats-father contest. In the end, the winners were Ra'anana's Kobi Hadar and Itzik Waxman, and for the women, the home club's Noga Bachrach and Irit Grencel.

Hadar and Waxman came through 15-13 against their club mates Colin Silberstein and Yair Bekier. Hadar had been drawn to play his semifinal against his older brother, international Zvika Hadar, but the latter's unavoidable absence denied a brother-versus-brother contest. Ron Baum filled in as a substitute.

In yet another family contest, the senior Gordon Silberstein skipping for Lawrence Hurwitz was up against his son Colin, playing with Yair Bekier. Age may have well made the difference when the young Silberstein won 18-7.

In a women's semifinal, Noga Bachrach and Irit Grencel outplayed their Ramat Gan opponents, Tami Kamzel and Suzanna Wagensberg, for a 17-8 triumph. Wagensberg substituted for Edna Zomberg. In her semifinal, Bachrach had won 14-6 against Ra'anana's Denny Galland and Beverley Polatinsky, while Kamzel had beaten Chaya Prager and Sari Fridman 19-6.