The annual national mixed pairs was concluded on Tuesday at the Haifa club where the hosts were in the final up against Ramat Gan. For the home club it was Harry Katz paired with Irit Grencel up against Tami Kamzel skipping for Zvi Bekier. The final score of a single shot 17-16 win in Hafia's favor provided a nail biting finish, with the final outcome always in doubt. All four players were in outstanding form with accurate drawing shots, with almost each bowl in turn changing the position at the head. The score was level at 9-all at the halfway mark, but with encouragement from the home club, the Haifa pair delivered precision bowls and just managed to get the better of the opponents to lead 15-10 with three heads to play.

But Ramat Gan was not lacking in retaliation. Kamzel controlled the following two ends for successive three counts to start the last end with a single shot advantage 16-15.

Haifa's Grencel drew two perfect bowls perfectly positioned at the jack, and this time they remained the two lying shots with Kamzel's bowls just skimming past the target for Haifa's two count and 17-16 win.

Off to Scotland this weekend for a series of test matches are men's and women's five-up teams for preliminary games prior to choosing Israel's National teams for the Quadrennial World Championships in Australia in November.

The men's side includes Zvika Hadar, Colin Silberstein, Danny Slodovnik, Roy Jennings and Noam Yehudai, (manager Raymond Sher ). The women's team includes Tami Kamzel, Ruth Gilor, Irit Grencel, Edna Zomberg and Beverley Polatinsky, (manager Y. Lavin ).