The finals of the Australian pairs were played off during the week at Ramat Gan. Winners for the women were Ramat Gan's Tami Kamzel paired with Kiryat Ono's Ruthie Gilor, while the men's title went to Ramat Gan's Micha Farkash playing with Moshe Ayoun of Kiryat Ono.

The pattern of play differs from the regular international pairs format, in that the skips and leads each deliver two bowl alternatively. In addition players were allowed to pair up with partners from outside their own club.

Kamzel and Gilor will be representing Israel in the forthcoming European championships and used their combination as an opportune trial run. They were up against Ramat Gan's Yael Bar-Ner and Haifa's Irit Grencel, all four finalists in the five-up squad off next week for the Atlantic Games in Cyprus.

Bar-Ner skipping for Grencel started off well against their powerful opponents, leading 6-1 and then 9-7 after nine ends. In the following end the challengers conceded a 6-count which proved too big a gap, with the final score 20-14 for the winners.

Farkash and Ayoun were up against Ramat-Gan's Rami Oron skipping for Bunny Cuckerman. With scores virtually level throughout the game the last end started at 13-all. Oron lay a shot which Farksash deftly removed for a single-shot win.