The graded pairs competition for men and women was played off over the weekend at Ramat Gan. Ramat Gan’s Rami Oron with Ra’anana’s Denis Phillips claimed the men’s trophy against Savyon’s Haviv Takin paired with Ramat Gan’s Danny Slodovnik. For the women Kiryat Ono’s Ruthie Gilor with Ramat Gan’s Riki Ovadia beat the Ramat Gan pairing of Tami Kamzel and Mazal Reuven.

The competition catered for the 24 top-ranked players comprising 12 selected skips paired with 12 leads and then divided into two sections of six pairs each. A feature of the competition was that in each of the preliminary rounds, leads were interchanged.

The men’s game witnessed excellent bowling by all four players. Very little was conceded between the two leads Phillips and Slodovnik, leaving the skips to settle issues. Oron rarely failed to deliver dead accurate bowls, to the frustration of his opponents. With the score at 15-all Oron/Phillips collected five in the remaining three ends for a final 20-16 win.

Yet again it was Ruthie Gilor verses Tami Kamzel settling the issue in their final’s encounter. This time Gilor with Ovadia were the steadier of the two pairings, coming through with their six-shot win.