Following closely on the heels of the Atlantic Tournament in Cyprus, an Israeli foursome returned from Portugal this week having finished fourth in the 16-nation biennial European Championships.

As in the previous week's Atlantic event the Israelis again returned with a single bronze medal, but this time with far better overall results. Representing Israel were Zvika Hadar, Danny Slodovnik, Tami Kamel and Ruthie Gilor, competing in disciplines of men's pairs, women's pairs, and then the four combined in a mixed fours contest.

The format of the game consisted of two sets of nine ends each, with two points for each set win and one point for a tie.

The Israelis won the bronze in the mixed fours, winning 11 sets in seven games, losing only one and peeling two, which included a two-set win against Ireland, and winning one and peeling one against England.

The penultimate one-set loss to Cyprus and peeling the other denied the Israelis the top log slot, which went to Wales followed by Scotland.

Hadar and Slodovnik did well to win 10 sets and lose four - two to Guernsey, one to Ireland and one to Wales, their total points leaving them in the 5th overall log slot, topped in order by Wales, England, Ireland and Scotland.

Tami Kamzel with Ruthie Gilor won eight sets, lost five and peeled one to finish 7th behind the winners Jersey, followed by England, Wales, Ireland, Guernsey and Scotland.

Now in its seventh tournament since 1999, Israel has never finished below the sixth log slot, and in 2003 was second overall.