Former President Moshe Katsav objects to the publication of an abbreviated version of the court verdict against him, insisting instead that the verdict be released in its entirety.

The verdict against Katsav, who was recently found guilty of rape and sexual misconduct against female employees, was due to be released today, with the exception of sections omitted by the prosecution to avoid infringing on the complainants' privacy.

But Katsav informed the court yesterday that he agreed to omit only details identifying the complainants, but insisted that everything else remain in the verdict and be released.

According to the former president, omitting these parts could distort the picture portrayed in court. He therefore asked the judges to hold a hearing before allowing the release of the abbreviated version. Consequently the verdict's publication may be postponed.

So far only a summary of the verdict - 29 pages out of 318 - was released after it was read out in Tel Aviv's District Court some two weeks ago.