Former President Moshe Katsav's conviction of two counts of rape, sexual assault and other sexual abuse is difficult and painful for the Israeli society.

Never before has a president in the democratic world been found guilty of such deeds; never has a former president been deemed by a high-ranking court as an inconsistent and untruthful "broken reed", while the complainant against him was found to have spoken the truth.

This was not a conviction that raised any doubt on the part of the judges, but a verdict that refuted the claims raised by the defense every step of the way, that found all proclamation of innocence to be without merit. The prosecution has emerged victorious on every matter, on every crime it had leveled against Katsav.

The charges in the indictment have been proven beyond reasonable doubt, essentially beyond any form of doubt at all. The defense team's claims were found to be completely baseless.

Israel now has a convicted president, who carries with him the stain of moral turpitude (subject to appeal), who has brought a mark of shame to our democracy.