Israel's judokas have a last opportunity to qualify for the London Olympics in this week's European Championships, which commence tomorrow in Chelyabinsk, Russia.

Arik Zeevi (men's 100-kg ) and Alice Schlesinger (women's 63-kg ) have already guaranteed their spots this summer. Their goal is to get a medal and bump up their world ranking, which would grant them a better draw in London.

Among the Israelis trying to book their tickets, 21-year-old Golan Polak will need to take a medal in the men's 66-kg category and place himself among the top 22 in the world in order to meet the international standard. To meet the Israeli criterion he needs to make the top 20, but the international criterion should be enough for him as the Elite Sports Unit is expected to recommend him as a promising young athlete.

Artiom Arshanksy (men's 60-kg ) and Roni Schwartz (women's 48-kg ) will compete tomorrow, but in their cases a medal will probably not suffice.

Soso Palelashvili will compete on Friday in the men's 73-kg category, needing a medal to book his ticket to London.

Yarden Gerbi will join Schlesinger in the women's 63-kg category. Zeevi will compete Saturday together with Uri Sasson, who has shown much improvement since joining the men's 100-kg category.