Israel's educational system is hardly better than the Palestinian one when it comes to inserting political messages in textbooks, two new studies reveal.

One study, called "The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in History and Civics Textbooks of Both Nations," was conducted by Dr. Ruth Firer of Hebrew University and Dr. Sami Adwan of Bethlehem University. It examined 13 Israeli textbooks and nine Palestinian ones.

According to the study, both sides' texts either ignore periods of relative calm and coexistence, such as that of 1921-1929, or treat them as mere lulls in an ongoing conflict. Moreover, neither side's books tell the story of the conflict from the other's viewpoint, both ignore the other side's suffering and each counts only its only victims.

The Israeli texts avoid the term "Palestinian territory."

The Palestinian texts frame the conflict as a war over land, while the Israeli books frame it as a war over security.