The teacher who forgot a 4-year-old boy in his car last week, leaving him to die in the heat, is suspected of moonlighting as a driver, say police.

According to a police spokesman, Nahman Steitzer was being paid to take five children to school in Modi'in Illit every day in his private car. Police say the fact that he was paid to take them to school increases his level of negligence in the case.

Steitzer's attorney, Ofer Bartal, says the teacher was paid only NIS 100 per child per month, to cover expenses.On Friday, police requested that Steitzer remain in custody for five more days while they complete their investigation. Judge Anna Schneider agreed to remand Steitzer - who has admitted to wrongdoing and expressed remorse - to house arrest for five days.

Steitzer seemed in a difficult mental state and sobbed throughout the hearing. The police spokesman said that he "fell apart" several times during the investigation.

"This is a terrible event, and we're all shocked by it," said Steitzer's attorney. "When I met the suspect yesterday...he talked about the family's tragedy"