An Israel Defense Forces reconnaissance drone crashed into the northern Gaza Strip on Thursday, necessitating Israeli forces to enter the coastal enclave in order to retrieve it.

The Rochev Hashamayim drone was controlled by an IDF artillery unit on an information gathering mission before it crashed landed on the Hamas-ruled territory.

An Israeli military unit then entered Gaza in order to retrieve the unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, later returning to be checked by its original artillery unit.

An IDF spokesman confirmed the details of the incident.

Earlier this week, Palestinian sources reported that one Palestinian was killed and two other injured in an IDF strike in northern Gaza.

An IDF statement confirmed that Israel Air Force attacked terrorist cells planning to launch Qassam rockets or mortar bombs at Israel.

According to Palestinian reports, Israel Navy attacked a Hamas training facility north of Gaza city. Gaza hospital confirmed that one man was killed and two other were wounded, one of whom in critical condition.

"The IDF will not tolerate any attempt to harm Israeli citizens and IDF soldiers, and will continue to act firmly against terror," an army statement said Sunday, adding that Israel held "Hamas solely responsible for the situation in Gaza and for maintaining the peace there.