Some 680 inmates are sleeping on the floors of Israeli prisons due to extreme overcrowding, Prisons Service representatives told the Knesset's Constitution, Law and Justice Committee on Monday.

It was reported during the committee meeting that Israel's prison conditions are ranked last among developed nations.

The overcrowding does not allow authorities to bring more beds into detention facilities.

Prison Service representatives said predictions for the coming years are equally bleak. They believe that, if additional prisoners are not put into operation, 2,600 inmates will go without beds by 2007.

Upon receiving the report from the Prisons Service, committee chairman MK Michael Eitan warned riots are liable to break out due to inhumane conditions in the prisons.

Nevertheless, the Prisons Service asked the committee to allow the detention of 100 more prisoners for an additional year. Currently, there are some 12,410 inmates in Israel.

The committee refused to allow the increased prison capacity and only authorized authorities to detain the current number for an additional three months.