Or Heller, the military correspondent of Channel 10 News, revealed on Sunday that he received life threats in the past few days after he published a recording of Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner criticizing the chief of staff, Benny Gantz.

Eisner was dismissed from his position as as deputy brigade commander after being filmed beating a Danish peace activist last week.

Heller published a conversation between Eisner and Hagit Rein, whose son Bnaya was killed in the Second Lebanon War.

Last week Israel's Media Watch filed a complaint with the police agains Heller, saying that he published the recording without the knowledge or consent of Rein, which therefore constitutes wiretapping.

Talking to Army Radio, Heller revealed that "for some days now my life has been threatened. I receive e-mails wishing me various forms of death. I've been called a Nazi." Heller added that "I apologize if Hagit Rein was insulted. The last thing I want as a military correspondent, an Israeli journalist, a patriot and Zionist, is to hurt the feelings of a bereaved mother."

Channel 10 says that Heller received Rein's permission to record the conversation.