The Central Region District Court on Tuesday ordered the release of an asylum-seeker from South Sudan whom the state had attempted to deport, contrary to a Custody Tribunal ruling.

The court harshly criticized the state's conduct in the matter.

The Custody Tribunal had ordered the state to release Yutback Dangyut, but delayed implementation of the ruling for a week to allow the state to appeal. However, three days after the ruling, Dangyut was transferred from the detention facility in Ketziot to Ben-Gurion International Airport for deportation. Dangyut's lawyer, Omer Shatz from the We Are Refugees legal aid organization, said that when he called the detention center to inform Dangyut of the tribunal's decision, he was told his client was about to be put on a plane to South Sudan. Shatz then petitioned the Central District Court, leading to Tuesday's ruling.

Dangyut's wife and five children had to leave their Bat Yam apartment after his arrest on November 7 and are now living in a shelter. Tuesdayy in court was the first time the family was reunited since Dangyut's arrest.