"Haolam Mats'hik" ("The World Is Funny" ), written and directed by Shemi Zarhin, was nominated for 15 Ophir awards, including best feature film. The Israeli Academy of Film and Television will bestow the prizes, the Israeli equivalent of the Oscars, in a ceremony on September 23.

Also nominated for best feature film were "Balada Le'aviv Haboheh" ("The Ballad of Weeping Springtime" ), "Rock Ba'kasba" ("Rock the Casbah" ) and "Lemale et Hahalal" ("Fill the Void" ). The winning film in this category will go on to compete for the Oscar for best foreign film.

"Fill the Void," directed by Rama Burshtein, was nominated for 13 awards. Meny Yaesh's "Hamashgichim" ("God's Neighbors" ) was nominated for eight.

"Hahithalfut" ("The Exchange" ), written and directed by Eran Kolirin, is also up for Ophir awards in eight categories, including best director, but surprisingly it was not nominated for best feature film. Other nominees for best director include Zarhin, Yaesh, Burstein and Yariv Horovitz, for "Rock the Casbah."

Nominations for best actor include Uri Gavriel (for "The Ballad of Weeping Springtime" )," Roy Assaf ("God's Neighbors" ), Eli Finish ("The World Is Funny" ), Yosef Carmon for "Hayuta Ve Berl" ("Epilogue" ) and Gal Toren for "Laredet Meha'etz" ("Up the Wrong Tree" ).

For best actress the nominees are Assi Levy ("The World is Funny" ), Sharon Tal ("The Exchange" ), Rivka Gur ("Epilogue" ), Hadas Yaron ("Fill the Void" ) and Asia Naifeld for "Heder 514" ("Room 514" ).

Eli Tavor, whose nearly two dozen screenwriting achievements on popular Israeli movies range from "Kol Mamzer Melech," directed by Uri Zohar in 1968, to the 2001 "Lemon Popsicle 9: The Party Goes On" and include "Charlie Ve'hetzi," "Hagiga B'Snuker" and "Mivtza Shtreimel," to name just a few films, will receive a lifetime achievement award from the academy at the award ceremony in September.