Boris Gelfand, the Israeli chess master who is competing for the title of world champion, finished his eleventh game against Viswanathan Anand of India with a draw, on Saturday. This is the ninth draw between the two.

Currently the score is 5.5:5.5. The last classic chess game is scheduled for Monday with Anand playing white.

The game began in Moscow at 02:00 P.M. Israeli time. Gelfand started with the white. This time it was Anand that surprised Gelfand with his opening, costing Gelfand precious time. At a certain stage of the game Anand had a time advantage of over an hour.

Eventually, Gelfand found a way out of his disadvantage. And on the 24th move, Anand offered Gelfand a draw, which he accepted.

If the 12th game also ends in a draw, a series of four 25 minute games will be played to decide the tie. If these matches do not end with a decisive victory, a series of super fast games where each player has a total of five minutes will decide the contest.