On the first day of the New Year, a group of men and women will enter segregated buses designated for ultra-Orthodox Jews, as an act of protest against gender segregation.

Over 500 people have already signed up for the event on its Facebook, which is slated to take place on New Year’s Day at several locations in both Jerusalem and central Israel.

The event, which was created by Jerusalem resident Alon Visser calls on people to put an end to the apathy and changing the status quo. Visser says that he has gotten used to seeing gender-segregated buses run through Jerusalem’s central bus station.

“This is not the society that I want to live or raise my children in,” writes Visser on the event’s Facebook page. “We cannot continue to be silent on the issue of gender segregation on bus lines – it is against the law and against human rights.”

According to Visser, the event is not meant to protest against or hurt the religious Haredi community, but rather “to eradicate the ugly phenomenon of the exclusion of women.”