Israel’s labor federation announced Saturday that train services will resume operations, despite not formally ending its nationwide general strike over the conditions of government-hired contract workers.

Work is also set to resume at Ben Gurion International Airport, although other public sectors such as public santiation, are expected to remain on strike throughout the day.
Furthermore, Egged bus drivers are expected to join the Histadrut Labor Federation’s strike, in order to protest the conditions of contract workers.

The talks between the Finance Ministry and the Histadrut resumed Saturday evening. However, if an agreement is not reached, the two sides will meet Sunday in front of a judge at the National Labor Court, who will decide whether to allow the strike to continue, either fully or partially.

The strike, which was called by the Histradrut, has paralyzed Israel's public sector since Wednesday, with transportation, banks and various government offices not functioning.
The Histradrut is demanding that the state hire subcontracted workers directly, especially cleaning workers.

The Finance Ministry, however, rejected its demands earlier this week, saying it was willing to raise the subcontracted workers' wages by 20-25 percent and make sure their rights are maintained.

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