An Israeli official on Wednesday denied an Haaretz report that the U.S. had rejected an Israeli request for military equipment and support that would improve Israel's ability to attack Iran's nuclear facilities.

The official told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency the Israeli-U.S. arms sales negotiations were being held without consideration of Iran and thus had no bearing on the U.S.' decision to withhold arms sales.

"They're two separate things," the official said, referring to the Haaretz report.

The officials also denied that, as compensation for the requests it rejected, Washington offered to improve Israel's defenses against surface-to-surface missiles.

"There's ongoing cooperation between us on missile defense, but there's nothing new on that," the official told the JTA.

However, officials did say that talks between the United States and Israel on Iran were ongoing.

"There is a full dialogue with the American administration on how to deal with the Iranian issue, first and foremost through diplomatic and political means, while no option should be taken off the table," an official said.