One of Israel’s main medal hopes for London 2012 dissipated on Sunday afternoon when Alex Shatilov finished sixth in the floor exercise of artistic gymnastics. Shatilov opted for a less risky exercise but only performed it in mediocre fashion in the eyes of the judges, who awarded him just 15.333 points.

The Israeli gymnast, who went on fifth, looked concerned after finishing his exercise that it was not good enough. Indeed he was ranked fourth when he received his initial score, so he immediately knew he was out of medal contention.

Windsurfer Lee Korzits also had a disappointing day which threatens her medal hopes. The Israeli surfer finished the ninth and tenth races of the women’s RS:X competition at Weymouth in ninth and eleventh places respectively. She is now ranked second overall ahead of Tuesday’s medal race, but only one point separates her from fourth place. Korzits hold her lead by virtue of her two first-place finishes compared to only one for Finland's Tuuli Petaja.

Korzits has 38 points, equaled by the Finn's, who won the tenth and final race. Germany’s Moane Delle, who finished the final race in second, moved to within one point of Korzits with 39. Poland’s Zofia Noceti-Klepacka, who was in second place after six races, remains within striking distance in fifth place with 41 points.

The remainder of the Israeli delegation is out of the limelight. Shahar Zubari, who lost his chance to make the medal race earlier in the weekend, finished the ninth race in 26th place. His final race of the Olympics takes place on Sunday afternoon.