Israel's ambassador to China has complained to the state comptroller over an alleged illegal appointment to a senior Foreign Ministry position he was shooting for.

The ambassador, Amos Nadai, is ending his posting in China soon and was in the running to become the general supervisor of the foreign service. He says "extraneous considerations" helped land another candidate the job, Yaacov Keidar, but he gave no details.

"This is an extreme case of deviation from the regulations of the Foreign Ministry, the civil service and the tender laws, as well as court rulings and directives," Nadai wrote via his attorneys, Yaakov Israeli and Nati Agmon.

"It's also damaging to the principle of equality."

Nadai testified on the matter to the State Comptroller's Office during a recent visit to Israel. The general supervisor of the foreign service is responsible for monitoring the Foreign Ministry's operations.

The ministry's appointments committee was to discuss the matter on August 11 last year, after the final date for submitting candidacies, July 31.

But according to Nadai's attorneys, the committee postponed the meeting and reopened the candidates list, which they say contravenes civil service regulations and the laws governing tenders. They say it hurt their client's chances to get the job.

In November, the committee announced its intention to select the suitable candidate, which it did, naming Keidar.

According to Nadai, "the committee did not choose the most suitable candidate for the post, it relied on extraneous considerations; the decision is tainted by extreme unreasonableness and was not made in good faith."

Investigation launched

According to the spokesman for the State Comptroller's Officer, Shlomo Raz, "In investigating the complaint, we approached the Foreign Ministry director general in early December. The responses we received from the Foreign Ministry director general did not satisfy us, so we demanded additional information." But the ministry has yet to reply, Raz added.

"A week ago we approached the Foreign Ministry director general again and asked for his response without delay," Raz said.

The Foreign Ministry responded: "The matter is under discussion in the Labor Court, so we cannot discuss it in the media."